Consultation with Children and Young People with SEND

Teachers/SENCO and Support Staff will work with children and young people to identify the support needed to meet agreed outcomes.  The provision is planned and interventions are allocated to individual needs. Students take an active role with setting their targets, discussing them with the class teacher/SENCO.   Our students have regular meetings with support staff to discuss their progress and support.

Consultation with parents and carers of children and young people with SEND

We are committed to working with parents and carers to identify their child’s needs and support.  Parents and carers will be involved throughout the process.

There is a range of ways this can be done, for example:

  • Termly parents/ carers evenings;
  • Ongoing discussions with a class teacher and/or SENCO;
  • An ‘open-door’ policy, where parents and carers are welcome to come into school to discuss any concerns they may have;
  • Coffee mornings for parents and carers to drop in and feedback and discuss any issues.
  • Through a review of a child’s SEN Support Plan or the Annual Review of their Statement of SEN or EHC Plan.

This along with regular questionnaires aimed at gathering opinion on various specific aspects of the school and questionnaires for parents help us keep abreast of any emerging issues.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact school.