DfE Statutory Information

All schools are now legally required to provide certain resources and information on their websites. Much of this information is available within the website but it has also been compiled here for ease of access.

– School Name, Postal Address and Telephone Number:

Ushaw Moor Site

Bracken Court
Ushaw Moor

Sacriston Site

Findon Hill

General Office EnquiriesTelephone: (0191) 3730336
Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (0191) 3710277


– The college’s Admission Policy in full (including arrangements for selection, over subscription criteria and the application process) or information on where and how this information can be accessed on the local authority website.

Click here for the Admissions Policy

– Information on where to access the school’s most recent Ofsted Report: The most recent Ofsted Reports can be found here for DCBC and FCC

– Information on how to access the School Performance Tables on the DfE website: The School Performance Tables on the DfE Website can be found here.

– The following information about the college curriculum:

a) For each academic year, the content of the curriculum followed for each subject and guidance on how to find additional information about the curriculum: Please refer to the Curriculum Section of the Website.

b) For Key Stage 4, a list of the courses provided which lead to a GCSE qualification; and a list of other KS4 courses, and the qualifications they lead to. Please refer to the Curriculum Section of the Website.

– The measures determined by the Principal under Section 89 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 Click here for the Behaviour Policy

– The amount of the college’s allocation from the Pupil Premium and Year 7 Catch-Up Funding.

– The report prepared by the colleges under section 317(5) (a) of EA 1996 (duties of governing bodies in relation to special educational needs). These are included in the SEND Policy

– The Durham Federation’s Charging and Remissions Policy. Click here for the Charging & Remissions Policy

– A statement of the college’s ethos and values

This can be found here but is also written below:

Academic excellence and student happiness are our main priorities. We work hard so that all of our young people have the best education we can provide. We want students to be confident and articulate, self-motivated and determined to succeed. We want them to enjoy and value learning for itself. We want them to be individuals and to strive to be the very best they can be.

We encourage our students to adopt healthy lifestyles, to demonstrate good manners and to be proud of their community in college, locally and globally.

Our students are our main priority and we provide personal and individualised support to allow them to develop confidence and the skills to help them prepare for life beyond the college gates.

We believe that all students should have a voice and be part of the decision making process and to this end we have a large and highly effective Student Council and Peer Support Group enabling students at all levels to have a say in the work of our colleges.

We pride ourselves in knowing all of our students and believe that knowing them well enables us to support them more effectively to be well-rounded, high achieving and happy students. We foster individual interests and passions and believe everyone has something they are good at and can excel in.

At The Durham Federation we want our students to:

    • Experience happiness and enjoyment
    • Feel valued
    • Be ready and qualified to take on the next stage of their learning through the promotion of the highest academic standards
    • Have aspirations to be the best that they can be
    • Act with integrity
    • Be competent and confident individuals
    • Be responsible, resilient and independent
    • Take part in creative, cultural, sporting and innovative activities
    • Respect and appreciate the cultures and sensitivities of other people
    • Be good citizens